Color Goes a Long Way

As people redesign spaces, one element that needs careful consideration is color, because it is extremely specific to each project and style. Having worked on ultra-modern homes, I have come to realize colors that work well are hues of white, creams and grays. The spaces remain inviting with organic materials and finish and understated (yet luxurious) fabrics and textures. By mixing materials with colors, a space is transformed from stark to fulfilled.


Other homes are extremely rich in colors, from painting or wallpapering the walls, to vibrant fabrics and textures. The key to creating an inviting space with color is to never over do one element without balancing the other. Color is so important to our dwellings and our lifestyle. When decorating any style home I encourage color and warmth, both of which are always welcoming and calming. You should feel comfortable in your surroundings, and so should the people who visit.
One of the first questions I always ask my clients is what colors do they love? We always incorporate some sort of color, even if it’s muted and minimal. I absolutely love the Pratt & Lampbert paint collection, every color is so rich whether it be light or dark. If everyone lived in a white home with bland fabrics and furniture, the world would be a very sad place!