A Day in the life of a Interior Designer

An interior designer wears many hats, we interact with the client, act as a liaison with all tradespeople, and juggle a hectic schedule with tight deadlines. No two days are alike, which makes this fast paced career challenging and exciting. Most days consist of meeting the client at their home or in our office to discuss design ideas and review furniture, fabrics, finishes and all other project details.


Often times we go to showrooms to see selections in person, or visit workrooms where custom pieces are being made. The interior design process is very detailed and hands on, some clients choose to be more involved than others. In addition to client interaction, there are lots of site visits and meetings with tradespeople, such as contractors, plumbers, electricians and more.
Since every detail is being made to our specification, it’s extremely important that all teams are working together according to the plan.  Unforeseen events always occur in this industry, so a large part of our job is problem solving and doing so quickly. Behind the scenes there is lots of paperwork, ordering, following up and scheduling. Each project takes a team of dedicated people to pull together. I essentially act as the face of the team, and am just one of many important members. Each project is so unique and always requires our utmost attention from conception to completion.